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What Should You Do at The Scene of a Car Accident in Salt Lake City?

“What should you do at the scene of a car accident in Salt Lake City?” The Accident Attorneys of America explain this and more. Call now for a lawyer’s help!

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Utah’s Accident Probability

Crashing your car is not something you want to think about, let alone plan for. In spite of this, statistics indicate that you are likely to be involved in a car accident at least once in your lifetime. The DPS Utah has published that there have been 18 247 car accidents in which people have been injured.

Even a fairly minor motor vehicle accident can be highly stressful. A car accident scene can be extremely daunting and challenging when carnage occurs, especially when people have serious injuries.

How to Respond to an Accident

Though it’s easier said than done, staying calm during this stressful time is essential. Here are a few things you need to do:

  • Move the vehicles and yourself out of the way of immediate danger

  • Call the police

  • Call 911 if there are injuries and get any apparent injuries seen to

  • Make a statement to the responding officer and obtain a copy of the police report

  • Exchange information with the other drivers involved

  • Do not admit liability or state that you are fine

  • Document the scene of the accident – your cell phone is perfect for this

  • Get statements and exchange contact details from witnesses if possible

Safety First

Safety first should be your immediate concern. Check that you have not been injured and if in a position to do so, move your vehicle to the side of the road, and then get yourself out of harm’s way. If the car crash is a minor fender bender, you can agree with the other driver to move to a nearby parking lot.

It is important to be mindful of the fact that you are now at a site where the outcome of your car accident case may be significantly affected by what you do.


Call the Police and Do Not Leave the Accident Scene

Leaving the scene of a car accident before the police arrive is an offense. Before they arrive, ensure that you get medical attention if necessary, that you swap details with the other driver, document the scene, and talk to witnesses about what happened.

Avoiding small talk and refraining from making admissions are crucial. Be careful not to yell or accuse the other driver if you are incensed and convinced it was their fault. Remain calm and keep a cool head.

Once the police arrive, they will take your details and ask for your documentation and your version of events. Do not make any admissions as to guilt, even if you believe you were in the wrong. Politely request a copy of the police report, which will be necessary to provide to your insurance company.

Call 911 if There Have Been any Injuries

Check to make sure that you have not been injured. If you have, call 911 or get someone on the scene to do so. Describe any injuries concisely if any other injuries have occurred. If you are in shock, ask someone else to give 911 the location details.

Swap Details with Other Drivers


When swapping details with the other driver, be sure to collect all of the following information:

  • Their full names
  • Full contact details
  • Details about their insurance policy, including the provider’s name
  • Their license plate numbers
  • Details of the vehicles involved – make, model and year
  • Note the exact location of the accident

Make no Admissions

You mustn’t make any admissions at the scene of the car accident, even if you feel that you were at fault and caused the accident. There are many cases in which multiple drivers are found liable for causing an accident.

You may be in emotional distress, have suffered a concussion, and have adrenaline coursing through your veins. The time is not the right or appropriate for you to apologize or accept blame – you simply aren’t in the proper mental state to do so.

Whenever anyone asks you if you are ok, do not say yes; instead, say that you are not sure. This way, no one can use your statements against you in the future.

Ensure That the Accident Scene Is Documented

Using your cell phone, take photos and videos of the scene. Make sure you capture:

  • The accident scene from various angles

  • All vehicle damage

  • Your injuries

  • Insurance and license documentation

Video the entire scene if you have time and the opportunity. Use voice notes to record anything that you think may be relevant later.

If you cannot record the accident scene yourself, call a car accident lawyer to help you with this process.

Engage With Witnesses

Make a point of chatting to anyone who was a witness and get their full names and contact details.

The Days After the Accident


Following the accident, ensure you do the following:


Get a Medical Checkup and Report

After the accident, get a medical checkup as soon as possible and get the medical care you need. Make sure you keep any injuries and emotional challenges you experience.

Often your body is in shock after the accident, and some injuries reveal themselves long after the accident. Get a copy of the medical report. Maintain accurate records of all expensive medical bills and your medical treatment and progress.


Report the Accident to Your Insurance Broker

It is essential to report the car accident as soon as possible to your insurer. Understand that your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company are not looking out for your best interests.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to use shady tactics to get you to admit things that they then use to reduce your offer later on. If you have appointed an attorney, it’s best to refer all insurance agents to your attorney.

Getting legal help after an accident can be beneficial if you’ve been injured. The law firm will be able to assess your case and advise you on your options. Contact an experienced truck accident lawyer today.


Consider Seeing an Attorney

If you sustain injuries in a car accident, consult with an experienced car accident lawyer. The consultation is conducted confidentially under an attorney-client relationship. The fee for a personal injury case is contingent upon the outcome, so you will only be charged when the lawyer wins the case.

Schedule a free consultation with America’s accident attorneys if you have questions or need help with your car accident injury claim

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