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Salt Lake City Car Accident Statistics

Salt Lake City Car Accident Statistics

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Statistics and Prevention

The Utah Highway Safety Office keeps meticulous records and datasets of all car accidents. This data is used to try and improve car safety and reduce the number of car accidents.

The time and effort spent compiling these data sets by the Utah department are considerable and costly.

Nevertheless, car accident statistics are valuable in the continued effort to reduce motor vehicle crash rates. By comparing current stats with those of the previous year, you can identify trends which is helpful for prevention efforts.

Statistics evidence numbers relating to fatalities, the leading cause of accidents, total number of crashes, number of injuries, common causes of accidents, whether speeding is an issue, whether a seat belt was worn, alcohol-induced crashes, and so on.

We spent some time delving into the latest Salt Lake City numbers for 2021, so you don’t have to. Let’s examine some interesting facts about Salt Lake City car accidents in 2021.

Utah 2021: The Big Picture

The following statistics illustrate Utah’s overall situation:

  • The total crash count in Utah for 2021 was 61,465

  • Of these, 18,247 resulted in some form of injury

  • Accidents in which there was only property damage came in at 42,925

  • There were 293 fatal crashes recorded in 2021, amounting to 0.48% of total accidents

  • Speed was a factor in 8,105 accidents

  • 5, 488 car crashes were caused by distracted driving

  • In 1,795 accidents, seat belts had not been used

  • Drunk driving was tied to 918 motor vehicle crashes

  • There is a spike in car accidents between 7 and 11 in the morning

  • The highest number of accidents occurs with drivers aged between 13 and 20, coming in at 16,657

Micro Numbers in Salt Lake City 2021 Snapshot

Statistical data for Salt Lake City, 2021, indicates the following numbers regarding car accidents:

Who Was Involved in the Accidents?

  • 3,468 accidents involved a driver

  • 1,116 victims were passengers

  • 72 were pedestrian accidents

  • 57 were cyclists

  • 18 were motorcyclists

  • Teenage drivers accounted for 22% of car crashes, which is higher than all other age groups, with 423 crashes noted

  • There was only 1 drug-related crash

Number of Vehicles in Accidents

  • Most car accidents involve two motor vehicles at 66.2%

  • Single vehicle accidents account for 23.28%

  • Three vehicles account for 9.25%

  • Four vehicles account for 1.87%.

Causes of Accidents

Based on the 2021 accident statistics, it has been determined that:

  • 684 accidents were speed-related

  • Teenage driving caused 423 crashes

  • Holiday-related accidents scored relatively high at 415

  • Mature drivers were 390 in total

  • Distracted driving caused 256 accidents

Driver Contributing Factors

Several driver behaviors contributed to accidents:

  • Followed too closely 665 @ 18.86%

  • Failed to keep in the proper lane 566 @ 16.05%

  • Too fast for conditions 540 @ 15.31%

  • Failed to yield 477 @ 13.53%

  • Unsafe lane change 212 @ 6.01%

Friday is the day of the week with the most crashes at 607. Of these, 406 saw no injuries, 117 had possible injured people, and 81 had minor injuries.

2022 Accident Statistics for Salt Lake City

Although the Highway Safety Office has not audited these figures, they give a reasonably accurate picture of what the statistics are like for the year 2022 to date.

Car Accident Stats as of August 2022

The following statistics have been recorded as of the time of this writing:

  • There have been 1,420 crashes.
  • Injuries in car accidents to date sit at 170
  • Property damage only is at 1,250
  • No deadly accidents have been recorded
  • The highest number of accidents takes place at 8 am. There are probably more drivers on the road during peak hours, so this is likely to be the case.

It is worth noting that in the current figures for Utah’s roadways, which include Salt Lake City numbers, there are currently 31,988 accidents. There have been 9023 accidents recorded with injuries; 22,788 accidents have resulted in property damage; 177 accidents have resulted in fatalities.

Why Statistics are Important

Live accident statistics present immense value to us as trends can be identified as they happen and not years after the data was collected. Access to statistics can be helpful in prevention strategies.

Car accident statistics can help assess which areas need to be targeted to make driving safer. For example, if it is noted that distracted driving shows a sudden dramatic increase in numbers, it might signal that more people should be made aware of the dangers of texting while driving, and authorities could implement a suitable advertising campaign to achieve this.

Tracking what types of car crashes make up the most deadly crashes can assist in controlling the factors that contribute to such accidents. For example, if potholes are responsible for most fatalities, that might signal that Utah roads need to be repaired.

Statistics indicate that there are far too many fatal car accidents (even one fatality is too many). Inspiring caution and responsibility in our driving habits and road use will help reduce the number of accidents to a minimum by reminding us of the dangers of vehicles and the road. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overlook the human factor behind the numbers.

There are astronomical costs associated with injuries for individuals and their families. When a car accident occurs, some people’s lives are changed forever. There is a substantial financial and personal loss when there is a fatal accident or where serious injuries occur. In addition, medical bills account for a massive amount of annual losses.

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