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Roundup Cancer Claim Settlements

A Roundup settlement check may help you move on when you suffer the health effects of chemicals. Contact the Accident Attorneys of America for advice.

What Are Roundup Cancer Claim Settlements?

Suppose you or your loved one has used the weed-killing product, Roundup, and has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma or other types of cancer such as kidney cancer, mantle cell lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. In this case, a personal injury lawyer can help you determine whether you qualify to pursue compensation through a Bayer Roundup lawsuit.

Roundup relies on the active ingredient glyphosate. Monsanto started making Roundup in the mid-1970s, but it wasn’t until 1996 that the product became one of the most popular weed killers in the United States.

However, in 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a branch of the World Health Organization, found convincing evidence linking glyphosate exposure to non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, in humans.

By the time Bayer bought Monsanto in 2018, thousands of Roundup cancer lawsuits against Monsanto Company and its corporate successors Bayer AG and Bayer CropScience LP had been filed across the US.

There have been nearly 100,000 cases settled by October 2022, with Roundup settlements reaching almost $11 billion.

Do Roundup Cases Go to Trial?

Predicting whether a Roundup lawsuit will go to trial or be settled out of court is impossible. It is estimated that around 80% of filed Monsanto Roundup lawsuits have been settled, with around 25,000 – 30,000 cases still active.

In 2016, a federal judiciary panel created multi-district Roundup litigation that allowed Roundup attorneys to collaborate and develop the science and facts behind the glyphosate claims.

Since the Roundup litigation is ongoing, you can still file a lawsuit if you believe that Roundup caused you harm. The Roundup settlement checks were sent to some claimants, while others will probably receive them in 2023 as their settlements are being processed. However, bear in mind it can take years to resolve future Roundup lawsuits.

Getting compensation for your injuries is possible with the right evidence and representation. Make a claim against Bayer by contacting a lawyer today.

Roundup Lawsuit Update

Although a majority of Roundup cancer lawsuit cases are settled, it is estimated the remaining Roundup lawsuits include more than 4,000 cases in multidistrict litigation (MDL) in California. However, this is not a Roundup class-action lawsuit but rather different cases grouped together over the same question that repeats in their lawsuits.

In January 2023, the Roundup MDL was still pending because the court never approved the formal resolution before Bayer began settling large blocks of cases.

Even though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concluded that Roundup does not represent a risk to human health, in July 2022, the Ninth Circuit Court panel urged the agency to reconsider its conclusion.


Are the Victims Winning Roundup Cases?

The victims have won their fair share of Roundup lawsuits filed against Bayer. However, the company has also obtained favorable Roundup verdicts.

It is worth mentioning that as the ongoing roundup litigation continues to drag on in the courts, it appears that almost every month, a new study comes out linking glyphosate-based Roundup to adverse health effects or increased cancer risk.

However, the remaining cases can go either way, especially if the victims don’t have skilled personal injury lawyers on their side.


What Is the Average Payout for Roundup Lawsuit?

Although each case is unique, the Roundup lawsuits range between $5,000 to $250,000. The extent of the claimant’s exposure to Monsanto Roundup weed killer and the severity of their illness can heavily influence their compensation amount.

Reports suggested that the average payout per client diagnosed with cancer due to exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is over $150,000. The average Roundup settlement money award has been from around $100,000 to $160,000.

Who Qualifies for a Roundup Settlement?

The plaintiffs won the first handful of Roundup lawsuit claims filed in 2018 and 2019. The awards were millions of dollars, forcing Bayer to stop any additional trials and settle most Roundup cancer claims.

Recently, however, Bayer has won several Roundup lawsuit trials in a row. It is suggested that most of these wins were weak cases where the company was already a favorite to win.

So, while it is hard to determine how much someone would get in future Roundup claims, it is necessary to build a strong case before filing.

Not everyone who used Roundup at some point in their lives is eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against Monsanto/Bayer. For a successful lawsuit, you’ll need to show that you’ve been diagnosed with an illness that can be attributable to your exposure to the weed killer.

In theory, anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis, such as Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, bone cancer, B-cell lymphoma, or leukemia, might have a case against the manufacturer. Additionally, if a family member has died due to Roundup-related cancer, the deceased’s family members may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against Bayer.

The fact that it can take years for people to develop cancer symptoms after exposure to Roundup suggests Bayer may have to deal with new Roundup lawsuits for years to come.

How Much Will I Get From My Roundup Settlement?

The settlement amount in a Roundup lawsuit can depend on the strength of the case and whether a claimant is pursuing it on their own or as a part of a class-action lawsuit. In class-action lawsuits, one individual represents a group of people, and if the representative wins, the whole group receives compensation.

The value of a Roundup lawsuit can depend on the claimant’s unique circumstances, such as:

  • Details of their health problems, including the treatment and future prognosis
  • Impact their health would have on the victim’s ability to work
  • Any effects health problems and treatments have on their daily life
  • The extent of their pain and suffering

These cases can be complex, regardless of how they are pursued. The process of gathering scientific evidence of significant Roundup exposure, checking if similar cases have been reported, and ensuring your rights are protected is often too complex for one person to handle alone. But having an experienced Roundup lawyer and legal team on your side means you will be more likely to succeed with your claim and obtain compensation.


How Much Do the Lawyers Get in the Roundup Lawsuit?

Attorneys’ fees may vary depending on the case’s circumstances and whether the case is resolved through trial or settlement. Their location, experience level, and specific practice areas may also be determining factors. To get an estimate of how much our services could cost you, reach out to us and schedule a free consultation.

Roundup Lawyers Can Help With Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

Managing lawsuits linking Roundup to your own or loved one’s cancer diagnosis can be emotionally and physically challenging. Fighting against a large corporation while fighting a severe illness can be overwhelming.

In addition, claimants should be aware that there are statutes of limitations in these cases and that they can vary depending on the state where they live.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer due to Roundup exposure, reach out to Accident Attorneys America. We have associates throughout the country who can help clients with their Roundup personal injury cases. Schedule a free case evaluation now!

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