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If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, workplace, or construction site, a personal injury lawyer Sandy UT may be able to help.

What Do Personal Injury Attorneys Do?

Personal injury cases involve physical, emotional, or financial harm caused by another person. Under personal injury law, people who have been injured in an accident may be able to receive compensation for their medical bills and other expenses.

A personal injury lawyer is a legal practitioner who provides clients with legal recourse and defenses in cases where a person has been injured due to another person’s negligence.

Most civil cases involve a private plaintiff suing for damages due to the defendant’s actions, often in the form of money. The defendant can be another person, company, government agency, or entity.

How Can Personal Injury Lawyers Assist You

Attorneys who handle personal injury cases assist clients in getting compensation for their losses by either:

  • Claiming damages against the at-fault party’s insurer
  • Bringing a lawsuit against the negligent person

Pursuing compensation for your injuries after a serious accident can be overwhelming. However, employing the services of Sandy, UT, personal injury lawyers can help you understand what you need to do next so that you can focus on your healing.

How Can Sandy Personal Injury Lawyers Help If You Are Hurt Due to Someone Else’s Fault?

Sandy is a city in the metropolitan area of Salt Lake City, UT. Located in Salt Lake County, Sandy is considered a suburb of Salt Lake City. Sandy is also near several ski resorts. The proximity of the city is convenient in case someone has a skiing accident or any other type of accident that is not their fault.

Ski accidents, car accidents, slip and fall incidents, as well as medical malpractice, fall under the broader category of personal injuries in Utah’s civil courts. Injured victims in these accidents can file a personal injury claim in order to pursue compensation for their losses.

However, they would need to establish liability for their accident via evidence and the duty owed to them at the time the accident occurred. In other words, a Sandy UT personal injury attorney would have to prove that someone’s negligent behavior caused the victim’s injuries. Although that may sound easy, these cases can quickly become complicated without skilled legal help.

When to Get a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The following are some specific circumstances where you will need the services of a Sandy personal injury lawyer.

1. Accident-Liability Disputes

To be compensated in Sandy, UT, you need to prove another person or entity caused your injuries. Injury victims must prove that someone else’s negligent behavior caused their injuries or property damage.

Without establishing a case of negligence, you may not receive fair compensation for your injuries. However, proving negligence is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you do not understand personal injury law.

Choosing one of America’s Accident Attorneys in Sandy can help determine who is responsible for your injuries. The lawyer will gather evidence and develop a great strategy as part of the legal process.

2. Traumatic Injury or Permanent Disability

In cases where the claimant has traumatic injuries or permanent disabilities, settlements can reach millions of dollars, especially if the injury or disability will result in future damages. Specific injuries may require ongoing medical care that would cost a lot.

Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to document injuries with long-term or permanent effects to recover compensation that is adequate to meet your future needs.

3. Being Blamed for Your Injury

The insurance claim process can be complicated. Sometimes the at-fault party may accept liability for an injury. Still, the at-fault party’s insurance company may claim the injured person contributed to the accident to reduce the compensation you should get. For example, the insurance company may claim that you were speeding at the time of the accident.

However, a personal injury attorney can counter these claims and ensure you get maximum compensation.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sandy, UT

It is impossible to generalize personal injury cases. It would be advantageous to get a personal injury law firm that customizes its approach for each case, which the Accident Attorneys of America provide. We will do everything in our power to ensure you receive the fair compensation to which you are entitled.

To ensure that the law firm you have found is the right choice, you may need to ask some crucial questions, including the following:

  • Does the lawyer have the right qualifications to handle your case?

  • How many years of combined legal experience do the lawyers in the firm have?

  • How many successful cases has the law firm won in its years of practice?

  • Are the legal services affordable?

Pursuing Compensation for Personal Injuries Without the Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sandy, UT

No law prohibits you from making a personal injury claim by yourself, without the help of personal injury lawyers. However, this could result in you settling for an amount way below your needs or losing the case if it goes to trial. You might want to consider the following before representing yourself in your claim:

  • Legal procedure and state laws: What falls under a personal injury law in Utah is determined by its personal injury law. In many cases, it works to your advantage. It can be challenging to navigate the specifics of personal injury law and the court systems and procedures.
  • Documents and deadlines: Asides from that, you will need to present certain legal documents such as medical reports and a long list of other proceedings before a legal deadline. This legal deadline is called the statute of limitations. A skilled personal injury attorney will ensure that the proper documentation is filled and the deadlines are met.
  • Putting yourself at a disadvantage: Insurers often work in their interests. Self-representation will almost certainly result in a far lower offer than your claim is actually worth. Taking legal action against an insurance company without legal assistance always gives the insurance company the upper hand. This allows insurers to take advantage of your lack of resources and legal knowledge.

Reach out to the Accident Attorneys of America today to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer who will aggressively fight for the settlement you deserve.

Should I Accept Personal Injury Settlement Offers?

After an injury or accident, it’s tempting to accept a settlement. Settlement money can help pay bills until you recover and return to work. Insurance adjusters know you might be financially strapped and stressed – so they take advantage of your circumstances and offer a quick, low, and unfair settlement. Such an offer may be below your actual damages, and you could give up your right to seek maximum compensation for all damages. Instead, consult an accident lawyer to know your legal options.

Types of Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal injury damages are classified into compensatory damages and punitive damages, which serve as overarching umbrellas for all other types of compensation available (except workers’ compensation).

Compensatory damages reimburse or compensate you for the costs incurred due to the injury. Compensatory damages are always paid in successful personal injury cases. They include payment for economic damages like medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, etc. It can also include non-economic damages that the accident caused the injured victim. Examples include pain, suffering, loss of a loved companion, etc.

Punitive damages punish the person or entity who caused you harm. They have nothing to do with the type of injury you or a loved one has suffered. They are also much less frequently awarded than compensatory damages.

Sandy, UT, Personal Injury Attorney to Help You Recover Damages

If you or a loved one has suffered any personal injury, the Accident Attorneys of America may be able to help. Providing legal assistance at every step of the way is our top priority. We take great pride in helping our clients receive the maximum compensation possible. 

Speak with our car accident lawyers today, and let us get the financial compensation you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Still Get a Lawyer for an Accident That Was My Fault?

Yes, it would be best if you still got a lawyer. In addition to investigating the extent of your fault, an experienced truck accident lawyer will negotiate with your insurance company to resolve the claim.

What Is the Most Common Injury in a Truck Accident?

The most common injuries in a truck accident are spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, head and neck injuries, and broken bones.

A truck or even a semi-truck accident can cause fatal and life-long injuries. For your medical expenses to be adequately covered, ensure that you wait until the end of the anticipated recovery period before settling your truck accident case.

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