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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Salt Lake City

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Salt Lake City

Victims of common causes of car accidents in Salt Lake City may be eligible for compensation. The Accident Attorneys of America can help.

When you or a loved one suffers an injury or wrongful death, you need a lawyer who knows the laws inside out and will fight for you. Our legal team will provide quality representation for your case.


Car Accidents in Salt Lake City

As of 2020, Salt Lake City has an estimated population of 202,000. Over the years, Salt Lake City has developed a reputation for having some of the worst drivers in the U.S.

A study conducted in 2016 ranked Salt Lake City drivers as the worst in the nation. It was ranked 3rd in 2017 but improved significantly in 2018, ranking 9th worst. However, 2019 saw its ranking worsen to 6th worst.

If you or your family members have sustained severe injuries in a car accident in Salt Lake City, contact a car accident lawyer in Salt Lake City today for a free consultation. A personal injury attorney can give you an opinion on whether you can succeed with your personal injury lawsuit.

Causes of a Car Accident in Salt Lake City

There are many types of causes of car accidents in Utah, and statistics provide valuable insight into them. This data is meticulously collected around the causes, and it is possible to draw useful conclusions from it.

Reveal the following facts:

  • There have been 12,475 motor vehicle crashes to date (as of August 6, 2022)

  • Exceeding the speed limit and driving at excessive speed for the conditions has resulted in 10,072 accidents and is the most significant contributing factor

  • Teenage drivers losing control account for 6 839 accidents

  • Next are holiday-related causes due to more highway traffic over holiday periods. These number 6,582 to date

  • Older drivers have caused 5,749 accidents so far in 2022

  • 4,715 accidents have been caused due to distracted driving

  • Drunk driving has been responsible for 1,240 crashes

  • Drowsy driving caused 717 incidents to date

  • Drug-related crashes number 74

What Type of Car Accident Causes the Most Fatalities in Salt Lake City

Currently, the most common types of auto accidents resulting in fatalities are as follows:

  • Failed to yield/right of way accidents, 17%

  • The driver ran off the road, 10%

  • Disregard traffic signals, 9%

  • Too fast for conditions, 8%

  • Exceeded posted speed limit, 6%

  • Reckless driving or aggressive driving, 6%

  • The driver drove on the wrong side, 6%

  • Swerved or evasive action, 5%

What Happens When an Unlicensed Driver Causes a Car Accident in Salt Lake City?

Utah requires a driver’s license for driving on surface streets and highways. Driving without a permit can result in a $750 fine, and the unlicensed driver’s car may be impounded for good measure.

In addition, your ability to collect compensation for damage to your property and injuries sustained in a traffic accident with a driver who does not have a license may be severely limited. 

Most of these drivers are not covered by insurance, so you will not have an agency to file a claim with. You will need to seek legal advice from a car accident lawyer. America’s Accident Attorneys are well-placed to provide you with a free case evaluation.

What Month Do Most Car Accidents Occur?

Most car accidents occur in February, with an average of 940 accidents. Accordingly, these injuries can be further broken down by their severity as follows:

  • No injuries: 677

  • Possible injuries: 185

  • Suspected minor injuries: 70

  • Fatal injuries: 2

January comes a close second, with 892 accidents averaged over the period. June and July follow with 772 and 784 accidents, respectively.

As we can see, fatal accidents are not as high as other more common types of accidents. However, it is crucial to remember that even a seemingly minor accident can have serious and long-term consequences for all involved.

What Time Do Most Car Crashes Occur in Utah?

Most car crashes occurred between 3 and 5 PM between 2020 and August 2022, peaking at 5 PM. 621 accidents occurred at 5 PM, of which 414 had no injuries, 151 were possible injuries, 154 were suspected minor injuries, and 2 were suspected severe injuries.

Why Do Car Accidents Happen?

Numerous factors can cause an auto accident, including:

  • Speeding: Speeding is one of the major contributors to traffic accidents, resulting in serious injuries and fatalities. Speeding is driving over the speed limit or too fast for the conditions. Whenever you feel that your driving is too fast for the conditions you’re in, try slowing down and taking it easy. Even if you arrive slightly late, it is better to be alive when you arrive.

  • Drunk driving: Drunk drivers are prone to speeding and driving beyond their abilities, often causing crashes.

  • Teen driving: Statistics clearly show that teenagers are responsible for many fatal car accidents. Various contributing factors include a lack of driving experience, a lack of fear of consequences, and overconfidence associated with youth. Teach your teenagers that driving is a massive responsibility and that the results of a crash can be life-changing.

I call it the Lemming Rush. Holiday peak periods always result in a massive increase in car wrecks, proving to be the most dangerous time to be on the roads. A much higher volume of vehicles is on the highways.

Driver fatigue contributes to crashes when people don’t rest properly and share their driving duties. More people drive under the influence during holiday periods. Before going on a holiday road trip, please have your car checked thoroughly and make sure it is roadworthy and safe.

It is crucial to wear your seat belts, including your precious passengers, in the back of the vehicle. If you are faced with potentially hitting a wild animal, be careful not to swerve wildly as you are likely to lose control which will probably be worse than taking some damage from hitting the animal.

Distracted driving is more commonplace with the vast adoption of cell phones. Distracted drivers could be on a call or even texting while driving are hazardous exercises and result in many vehicle crashes. Eating or drinking while driving can also result in fatal crashes.

It’s best to stop, eat, drink, rest briefly, and then continue. No one wants to spend their holiday money on medical bills!

What Is the Leading Cause of All Crashes on Utah’s Roadways?

Speeding contributes to the highest crashes in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most vehicles involved in crashes go over the speed limit or too fast for the conditions. Whether you keep up with the flow of traffic or not, speeding, particularly in areas with heavy traffic, is dangerous and puts everyone at risk.

Always follow traffic laws and be aware of changing traffic conditions. Check speed limits as you move from one area to another, and be on the lookout for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles. Be mindful of your own speed and that of other drivers on the road.

Do You Need Assistance With a Car Accident claim? We Can Help

If you or your family are accident victims and looking for a car accident lawyer to assist you, we can help. Call us today for a free consultation and assessment of your case so you can consider your legal options and enforce your legal rights.

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